A personable approach to engaging consumers

We don’t want our gut to define who we are. Are you in it to Thryve?

An effective landing page that encourages normal consumers as well as scientific experts to see the benefits of taking care of their gut health


3+ months

My contributions
User experience, Product photography, Content management

High level process in a nutshell

The landing page went through many iterations to fulfill our business and user needs


Before diving deep into the process, I made weekly customer calls to learn more about our customers and what made them start Thryve. On a high level, we had two types of user groups. Many customers in the user a group (the blogger) liked how we used plain language and those in the user b group (the scientist) were impressed with our research credibility.


Iterations and Learnings

Stage 1  was more focused on features and the quality of our products.

Stage 2 focused on benefits that resonated more closely with Thryve consumers.

User Testing

Many design decisions were dictated by user testing, which helped us increase conversions. Changes as small as the button change increased conversions by 2x.

Final Landing Page