Onboarding people to the world of the microbiome

Bringing consumers on a wild ride into the microbiome world. 

Thryve is a microbiome company that offers probiotics and a personalize gut health report. Since healthcare isn’t and shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach, I designed a flow to personalize each Thryve experience.


1 month

My contributions
Visual design, Content management, E-commerce experience


Onboarding Flow

I worked with a PM to figure out ways we could personalize the microbiome experience. With our market analysis, we were inspired by an onboarding questionnaire a handful of personalized services have. 

I first tested this concept with early consumers to test engagement.

With a high success rate, I worked with our in-house scientist to form questions that ultimately helped us launched our personalized probiotics.


Use Cases

To help engineers build a seamless onboarding flow, I created a rough visual map of the different use cases. 


Brand Visuals

A handful of our consumers had health problems they struggled with, so I adopted iconography to lighten the mood.