A daily supplement for improving your relationship with IBS

What does yogurt remind you of? (Bacteria, right?) These little creatures called probiotics are everywhere and can support your overall health!

A probiotic label that reflects the allergen-friendly nature of Thryve probiotics.


2 weeks

My contributions
Label design, Content management, Branding, Product photography

Revisiting The Old Label

When I rebranded Thryve, I decided to update the probiotic labels for a more sophisticated look. Although the label was functional, there were a few areas that caused frustration for our customers.

  • Text – The information regarding usage was barely readable, which was especially difficult for our customers on the older demographic
  • Color – Our customers felt that the white bottle and the bare-looking label was something they would get at the doctor’s office and they didn’t want that reminder
  • Visuals – The allergen-friendly icons were not consistent and customers had to spend more time “inspecting” the label

Bottle Label Iteration

  • The Supplement Facts section was moved from the left to the right for legal purposes
  • The allergen-friendly icons were placed where they are to give breathing room for the front section
  • Solid background colors were added for more energy and warmth

Latest Iteration

For the latest version, I got rid of the bacteria species and bacterial survival rate on the front section. The information was not important for normal consumers as much as the value was such as the amount of capsules per bottle and the strength (CFU).

Refinements were made to make sure the necessary, health-related information and spacing did not clash with each other.

Generating Manufacturing Files

Creating A Probiotic Insert

Along with the probiotics, we provided an insert to welcome and ease customers into their Thryve journey. I quickly learned that “2 capsules a day” wasn’t the best title for the insert.

Probiotic Insert Iteration

I added the “What’s in your box” section, which acknowledged that the user received their probiotics and were ready to start. In addition, I included information on how to store the probiotics for the best potency based on feedback from our customers.

Latest Probiotic Insert

The latest probiotic insert provided more transparency for the customers such as reminding them to read what they’re taking and showing our probiotic heat survivability certification. Although we sent out our probiotics with ice packs in an insulated box, customers felt more at ease with the public information.

Probiotic Bottle With Insert